Supported Lodgings is your home within a home

You will have the comfort of your own lockable room and will be invited to share the welcoming communal areas of the property, including bathroom, kitchen, lounge and garden if there is one. You will have your own front door key, and with the exception of some reasonable rules and expectations, for example, you must be willing to work with the Host and your Progression Coach, you will have the freedom to develop yourself and live your life.

Supported Lodgings Hosts come from a wide variety of people – no two Hosts are ever the same. Your Host could be a single person, a couple or a family. We will listen to you and your Social Worker if you have one, and after carefully assessing your needs, will do our best to match you with a Host best placed to help you fulfil your goals within a calming environment.

Your Host will be more than your ‘Landlord’, they will be a caring person for you to confide in; they will support you with your practical living skills and will help you on your journey towards independence.

During your stay, a 3 Bridge Solution CIC ‘Progression Coach’ will work with you and your Host to help you reach your full potential and fulfil your goals. Collectively we will agree a progression plan, which we will regularly review. Your progression plan will be tailored to you, reflecting your needs and your aspirations.

The Supported Lodgings placement might be a short stay, possibly during respite from and mediation with your family home, or it could be a longer term arrangement for up to approximately 2 years, potentially longer dependant upon individual circumstances.

Supported Lodgings can be a flexible housing solution, providing a supportive bridge towards the road to independence.

3 Bridge Solution CIC provide Supported Lodgings placements West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and London.

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