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Yes. 3 Bridge Solution is Ofsted registered. Ofsted URN 2762262.

Yes & No. All housing related services for 16 & 17 year olds, including Supported Lodgings are now (since November 2023) regulated and monitored by Ofsted. Our Local Authority partners also monitor our Supported Lodgings services under contract and legal agreements. Whilst Supported Lodgings and other similar services for over 18 year olds are not monitored by Ofsted, 3 Bridge Solution does not differentiate, and upholds the same standards of support and care throughout our Supported Lodgings services from 16 through to 25 year old. 

Just about anyone can! We will assess applications from single people, couples and families of any age. We actively welcome applications from the widest demographic possible.

Rent and support payments are agreed between 3 Bridge Solution and the Local Authorities we work with. This is reviewed annually. 

Between £170 – £240 per week per placement. The amount varies in relation to the age and needs of the young person and the expected length of time of the placement. Payments are made directly from 3 Bridge Solution calendar monthly in arrears. 

Under current guidance, the first £7,500 is not taxable.

We recommend you inform your House and Contents Insurers that you have a Lodger. Some Insurance companies will add a premium for this, others do not. We also recommend you speak with your car insurer as they may advise you to include business insurance; there could be a minimal charge for this, and often no additional cost at all. 3 Bridge Solution is fully insured under Public Liability.

Possibly. We recommend speaking with a benefits advisor. 

Assuming all paperwork is completed in a timely manner, typically the process is approximately 4-6 months.

The placement duration varies with each young person and is based on their needs. Some placements will be quite short term as the placement could be ‘respite’ from the family home during a crisis. However, most placements are expected to last between 18 months to 2 years. 

3 Bridge Solution Supported Lodgings works with young people aged 16-25. Some young people will have been in care, some will have recently been made homeless. All are likely to have a level of ‘support need’.

Some young people will need help with basic life skills such as cooking, shopping on a budget, cleaning, using a washing machine etc. Some young people need someone to talk to, to listen to them, to offer advice and guidance. Some may need more support, even therapy as a result of previous and ongoing trauma. 3 Bridge Solution will support you all the way.

Full training is provided, including, Safeguarding, Mental Health, Modern Slavery, Drugs and Alcohol, working in a Person Centred Way, Trauma Informed Support and much more. Training is typically in person bi-monthly and on line periodically. A 3 Bridge Solution ‘Progression Coach’ will be allocated to you and will either meet you in person or be in contact with you weekly. There is also a 24 Hour Helpline in case of emergencies. 

Your 3 Bridge Solution ‘Progression Coach’ will work with you and the young person. We will meet the young person a minimum of once per week. Some young people will also have a Social worker, and collectively we will assess what ‘support’ the young person needs and will devise a ‘Progression Plan’ with the young person, specifically tailored to their needs and their aspirations. 

3 Bridge Solution will carefully match each young person with a Host – it is in everyone’s interest, especially the young person’s that the matching process is robust and that placements are successful. The final decision rests with the Host and the young person.

3 Bridge Solution will receive a referral form and will complete an Assessment of Need prior to the matching process; we will not withhold critical information from you. Sometimes additional information is realised after a placement and sometimes circumstances change during a placement. As each placement is under constant review, we will ensure you are kept informed of all relevant updates.

You will have a commercial Licence Agreement with 3 Bridge Solution for the use of the room. A separate Excluded Licence Agreement, between Tenant, you and 3 Bridge Solution will also be in place.

We ask that as much notice is provided as possible and typically not less than 28 days. However, in certain circumstances it may be necessary to end placements sooner; I.e., if there is a significant breach of the agreement or there are safeguarding concerns. 

The young person will have their own front door key and their own lockable room within the home. As landlord, you keep a copy of the room key, however you must provide at least 24 hour notice to enter the room unless there is an emergency reason to do so.

The young person will have access to the kitchen, bathroom, lounge / dining room and the garden if there is one. They will have access to the washing machine / dryer if there is one, and access to fridge, freezer, cooker etc. 

No, not necessarily and not unless you want to. The idea is that the young person learns to live independently. At the outset, there may be more ‘support’ required in this area – some of the young people will have little / no experience of cooking, using a washing machine etc and you may need to show them. The keyword here is ‘show them’ – we encourage a ‘Do With’ not ‘Do For’ approach.  

No. All the young people will either receive a payment from Social Services or will be in receipt of Universal Credit to cover their day to day expenses.

We will ask you to complete an application form – it is quite lengthy, but it is important that you fully understand what’s in store, and that we ensure becoming a Supported Lodgings Host is right for you.

Every member of the household over the age 18 must have a clear Enhanced DBS check prior to any placements being made. We also carry out Tenancy Relations checks as well as a thorough health and safety check of the property. 

Yes. Any frequent visitor, particularly if they regularly stay at the property will require an Enhanced DBS check.

3 Bridge Solution will pay for the primary DBS check, I.e. the first checks for the main household. You are responsible for any subsequent checks. 3 Bridge Solution will keep a copy of the checks, will inform you when they are due for renewal and will manage the process on your behalf. Should the Enhanced DBS expire, the placement may be ended without notice.  

That will depend upon who is living with you and how long you plan to go away forThere are different expectations in place for 16/17 year olds and 18+ young people. If your Tenant is under 18, taking a holiday during a placement may not be possible. Regardless of the age of the lodger, 3 Bridge Solution will require notice of any holidays taken during a placement.  

All homes are different. Provided there is a spare bedroom, the property can be a house or a flat. 

We cannot accept small / box rooms. A good sized single or double is perfect.  

Yes. 3 Bridge Solution will carefully consider the matching process in this instance, however in principal, you can have two young people live with you.   

We will need to see an annual Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Safety Certification and proof of ownership or tenancy. The Gas Safety Certificate must be renewed annually and Electrical Safety is every five years. We will carry out periodic property checks, every 3 – 6 months.  

This depends upon whether you rent or own your home; you may already have some of the certification and may have your own trusted contractors to do this for you. We will work with you, and where required, we will make all the arrangements and pay for the initial tests / certification to be carried out. The certification does however belong to you, so a payment plan will be agreed to cover the first year, i.e. a small amount will be deducted from the payments we make to you. Should you remain with 3 Bridge Solution beyond your first year, we will pay for all subsequent tests / certification for as long as you remain on the scheme.

Possibly. All tenancy agreements are different. Please check your tenancy agreement and if in any doubt, speak with your landlord. We will ask to see the tenancy agreement during the application process and may be able to guide you. 

House rules are typically discussed and agreed at the outset of any placement. 3 Bridge Solution will provide guidance around this – it is expected that house rules are not overly restrictive as we are encouraging the young people to live their lives and learn independence. 

Some young people love animals, some do not. It’s all part of the matching process.  

3 Bridge Solution operates within the Covid guidance provided by Government. A Covid Risk Assessment is in place and is updated regularly – management review the Risk Assessment weekly and following any changes to guidance. The Risk Assessment is available upon request

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